Depending on your needs, you can choose one the following software components.

What would you like to do ? Download
Count K-mer in sequences DSK
Compress reads Leon
Correct reads Bloocoo
Correct errors on long reads LoRDEC
Construct compacted de Bruijn graphs (unitigs) BCALM
Assemble reads Minia
Targeted assembly Mapsembler2
Discover SNPs and indels from non-assembled reads without reference genome DiscoSNP++
Detect insertion variants MindTheGap
Discover inversion from non-assembled data TakeABreak
Comparative metagenomics for large-scale datasets Simka
Detect similar reads from potentially large read set rconnector
Run GATB-Tools using Docker Docker container
de-novo assembly pipeline (error correction / contigs / scaffolding) for genomes and meta-genomes de-novo pipeline
Develop new software relying on GATB core algorithms GATB-CORE library


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