GATB programming day: summary

On June 15th, 2016, our training room at Inria Rennes welcomed 15 people (researchers, engineers and PhD students in bioinformatics) to attend to our first GATB programming day. Quite a success since our room was fully occupied!

formation_gatb_inria_rennes_1 formation_gatb_inria_rennes_1

During that day, we got into the following topics:

  1. a theoretical introducton to GATB: the basic concepts
  2. GATB-Core practical coding session 1: I/O operations on reads files
  3. the GATB de Bruijn graph API
  4. GATB-Core practical coding session 2: k-mer and graph APIs in action
  5. GATB-Core practical coding session 3: writing a short read corrector tool

Tutorial material (sample source codes and test data) is available here: gatb-tutorial.tar.gz (for Linux only).

Stay tuned on our web site: another GATB programming day is coming on Fall 2016!

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