Depending on your needs, you can choose one the following software components.

What would you like to do ? Download
Count k-mers in sequences DSK
Compress short read files Leon
Correct short reads Bloocoo
Correct errors on long reads LoRDEC
Construct compacted de Bruijn graphs (unitigs) BCALM
Assemble reads Minia
Extend a given sequence by targeted assembly Mapsembler2
Discover SNPs and indels from non-assembled reads without reference genome DiscoSNP++
Detect insertion variants MindTheGap
Discover inversion from non-assembled data TakeABreak
Compare large-scale metagenomics datasets Simka
Detect similar reads from potentially large read set rconnector
Identify k-mers specific to a given set of genomes skif2
Run GATB-Tools using Docker Docker container
de-novo assembly pipeline (error correction / contigs / scaffolding) for genomes and meta-genomes de-novo pipeline
Develop new software relying on GATB core algorithms GATB-CORE library


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