Tutorial: GATB programming day

The GATB programming day is an educational event organized by the GATB team.

This free event is open to everyone who’s familiar in C++ programming, and wants to learn how to create NGS data analysis software.

The tutorial has a focus on the high-performance GATB-Core library. It will be taught by the developers of this library.


During that day, we’ll go into the following topics:

  1. a theoretical introducton to GATB: the basic concepts
  2. GATB-Core practical coding session 1: I/O operations on reads files
  3. the GATB de Bruijn graph API
  4. GATB-Core practical coding session 2: k-mer and graph APIs in action
  5. GATB-Core practical coding session 3: writing a short read corrector tool
  6. Q&A session: obtain answers from GATB experts

Tutorial langage: English.

When and where?

The next session will take place on April 26-27, 2017 as a GATB Special Session during the 5th International Work-Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (IWBBIO 2017).

The tutorial is scheduled on a half-day.

Find all information here to prepare your venue.

Any requirements?

  • some c++ programming skills are required; this is mostly to enable you to directly understand the GATB API
  • your personal computer; indeed, the tutorial room does not provide any computers.
    Your operating system does not matter: we’ll use a Linux Virtual Machine fully configured with GATB library, c++ compiler, code editor, etc.


To attend to this third GATB Programming Special Session, you have to register to the IWBBIO conference, here.

In addition, fill in this very short form so that we know you will attend to the GATB Special Session; this is important for us to setup the session appropriately, given the number of attendees.

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