You can retrieve GATB source code in two ways.

NOTE: You can find the complete sources URL list here.

Download of a source archive

You can directly download the GATB sources from the following links:

GATB-CORE: os: version:

GATB-TOOLS: tool: os: version:

GATB-PIPELINE: os: version:

You will find a README file telling how to generate libraries and binaries:

  • Currently, Linux and MacOs are supported.
  • The CMake tool is needed and should be first installed on your system

Cloning a GIT repository

If you are interested in developping for the GATB project, you can clone the GATB projects from a GIT repository.

Currently, the following GIT repositories can be cloned at:

  • git clone git+ssh://
  • git clone git+ssh://

Compilation notes

GATB uses the CMake tool, so you have first to install it if needed.

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