de-novo genome and metagenome assembly

This de-novo genome/metagenome assembly GATB-based pipeline is available to perform assembly from raw Illumina reads. This pipeline combines the use of Bloocoo, BESST and Minia.

Consult the main project Github page for a brief usage manual.

Ready-to-use executable

Simka is available as a binary for immediate use on Linux platform, with the following requirements:

linuxlogo Linux running on Intel or AMD 64bit processors.
(kernel 2.6.32 or above, GLIBCXX_3.4.13 or above)

For all other platforms or configurations, or if above binaries fail to run on your computer, you should download source code and compile it.


Bloocoo and Minia binaries and source code are covered by the Affero GPL version 3 license.

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