GATB at Hackathon Inria

Paris, France, June 7th 2017 – the Genscale Team participated to the first event celebrating the “50 years anniversary” of Inria : “What will be our digital future in 2067”.

Inria was born in 1967: we can look back in the past on what we did, but we should also look at the future of our researches and their impact on the civil society in the field of digital human health.

This is what we have tried to do during this 2-hours Inria Hackathon event, along with our colleagues from Therapixel and M3DISIM: we presented to journalists what Genscale does (smart data compression and HPC algorithms for DNA processing), how our researches results can be used today and in the future.

Look at this Twitter video to get a summary of this event (in French).

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